Art Show Schedule



 Due to the Corona Virus, all shows have been cancelled, at a minimum, through July  2020

if you’ve found your way here, you might wonder when the next show is.   We don’t know.    That being said, I’m happy to offer you a 20% discount on any purchases from my website.   Not everything is on there but I will be adding more.  You can also message me with specifics of what you’re interested in and we’ll go from there.

the discount code is....    staying inside

the 20% discount will automatically be taken.

Please stay safe      Diane




JULY 2020



24th Annual Shadyside... The Art Festival on Walnut St, Pittsburgh, PA

Location:  Walnut Street between Aiken and Ivy St.

Hours:  10am to 5pm both days


as acceptances are received, I will add the shows